Two tiered eye exams

Dr. Goode is very thorough and comprehensive with her examinations. In fact, there are two parts to her eye health evaluation. She will test your vision to determine the strength of correction you’ll need. Then she will conduct a detailed corneal evaluation and tear analysis which is vital for patients experiencing dry eyes or interested in contact lenses. She also checks for signs of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other vision-threatening diseases. Many systemic illnesses and conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes, can be detected in the eyes before they affect other parts of the body.

Contact Lenses

At Mountain View Family Eyecare, we can fit patients in a variety of different contact lenses based on your vision needs and lifestyle. We have lenses that are replaced daily, lenses that can change the color of your eyes, lenses that are FDA approved for extended wear, and lenses that can replace your need for bifocals or reading glasses, just to name a few. If you currently wear contacts or are interested about what is available, make an appointment to discuss your options with Dr. Goode.

For our contact lens patients, we offer our Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program. For the first 90 days after you purchase contact lenses in our office, if for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will buy back any unopened boxes and/or credit your account for any unopened lenses in opened boxes. No questions asked.

For our patients who have worn rigid gas permeable (or RGP) contacts or are interested in rigid lenses as an option, we can also fit and evaluate those lenses in our practice. Dr. Goode has experience fitting patients with spherical RGPs, as well as more complicated fits like Bitoric RGPs for patients with high amounts of astigmatism and specialty lenses for patients with Keratoconus.

Why is one brand of contact lenses supposed to be replaced more frequently than another?

Dailies, two-week lenses, and monthly lenses may have similar lens designs and be made of similar materials, but slight differences in the lens itself influences the comfort and how long it is safe to wear. Because contact lenses are designed to be replaced at regular intervals, delayed replacement can compromise your comfort and put the health of your eyes at risk. For this reason, it is important to follow the replacement instructions given to you. If you are wearing your lenses longer than prescribed, you are increasing your risk for a potentially sight threatening infection. It is vitally important to your vision to follow the instructions your doctor gives you and ask questions you may have about how long you may healthfully wear your contact lenses.

Can I sleep in my contact lenses?

Some brands of contact lenses are approved by the FDA for overnight wear. If you are interested in sleeping in your lenses, even if irregularly, you should discuss this option with Dr. Goode. Lenses that are approved for overnight wear allow more oxygen to reach the cornea versus conventional contact lenses. While certain lenses are approved for such wear schedules, it does not mean you must sleep in them. You can enjoy the benefits of the increased oxygen transmission, such as improved comfort and decreased dryness, while wearing the lenses during the day and removing them for cleaning at night. Furthermore, when wearing contacts for extended periods, you still must remove the lenses for at least one night a week to give your eyes a break and clean any deposits that may be on the lenses.

Should I consider daily disposable contact lenses?
Would you like to try contact lenses but have never worn them before?
If you currently wear contact lenses, would you like to eliminate the need for solutions and a cumbersome lens care routine?
Do you experience itchy eyes, dry eyes, or allergies?
Would you like to wear contact lenses occasionally for special occasions, sports, or outdoor activities?
Would you like to try the newest, easiest, healthiest types of contact lenses?
Would your children like to try contact lenses, but you have reservations about the costs and their capability of caring for them?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, daily disposable contact lenses may be the answer you are looking for. Dailies are contact lenses that are designed to be worn only one day and then thrown away.

The benefits of this lens design are:
No need for expensive solutions
Less chance for lens contamination, buildups, and deposits
Easy replacement of a lost or torn contact lens
Unparalleled convenience
Good candidates include:
People looking for occasional contact lens wear
Children & Teenagers
People with allergies (seasonal, solution, lens materials, etc)

Dailies typically cost a little more than biweekly or monthly lenses initially but when you factor in the costs of solutions, dailies are as cost effective as longer replacement lenses. In fact, most daily lenses cost less than $1/day!

Can I wear contact lenses even if I have bifocals, progressives, or reading glasses?

You CAN wear contact lenses even if you you have bifocals or reading glasses. There are different methods of fitting contact lenses on people in your situation.

With monovision, we fit one eye with a contact lens to see far away and the other eye to see up close. The brain is able to sort out what is seen and ignore the eye that is blurry. It may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but monovision works well for many people. For circumstances when you will need perfect distance or near vision (ie: extended driving, shooting, needlepoint, etc.) a special glasses prescription can be worn over the contacts.

Multifocal Contact Lenses
Some contact lenses are designed with rings of power to allow you to see objects far away and up close at once. Modifications can be made to combine the benefits of both monovision and multifocal contact lenses.

Distance Contact Lenses with Reading Glasses For those whose vision needs are mostly to see clearly far away, distance correction with readers over top as needed can be a successful option.

Rigid Gas Permeable (Hard) Contact Lenses
RGP lenses have the ability to have a lined bifocal similar to lenses in glasses. The contacts are designed to use the lower lid to move the bifocal portion up when you look down to see up close.

Talk to Dr. Goode about what your needs and expectations are, and we will work together to explore all avenues available to find an option that works best for you.

Can I wear contact lenses even if I have astigmatism?
The answer is often yes! If you have a low amount of astigmatism, it is often not an issue with "regular" or spherical contact lenses. If Dr. Goode determines you have high enough astigmatism that it needs to be corrected in the contact lenses, there are often soft lenses that will allow you good vision. If your astigmatism is greater than the amounts correctable with soft lenses, there are different RGP, or hard lens, designs that can correct your vision. Dr. Goode has worked closely with several patients to design custom RGP lenses to correct high amounts of astigmatism. These patients have been very successful with wearing Bitoric RGP designs.

Are color contact lenses for sale in the mall or at flea markets safe?
In a word, no. Most lenses available over-the-counter like this are not FDA approved. Contact lenses, even if worn purely for cosmetic purposes, are medical devices that are worn on the eye. They must be evaluated by a doctor to ensure that the lens fits each individual's eye properly. If a contact lens is too tight, it can starve the eye of oxygen and cause corneal swelling or an infection. Additionally, you should NEVER share contact lenses with another person.

Optical Dispenseing

Patient education is very important in our practice. We want to teach you about the differences in lens and frame quality which can vary dramatically from one place to the next. We offer our patients the finest frames, lens designs, and coatings. We believe in our products so much that we offer an exclusive 2-year warranty against breakage. If you include one of our state of the art anti-reflective/anti-scratch coatings, we will guarantee your lenses from scratching for 2-years as well.

Helping patients to see clearly is our goal at Mountain View Family Eyecare. However, we not only want to meet your vision requirements, but your lifestyle, hobbies, and fashion concerns as well. We are also the only office in the Heber Valley that carries Nike, Roxy, and Quiksilver frames. In addition, we have a wide selection of Guess, Candie’s, Rampage, Harley Davidson, Disney, Jalapenos, and PEZ frames to name a few. And of course, our frames also include the 2 year warranty. If anything happens to them, we will replace them for free. Period.

In addition to our wide selection of frames for prescription eyewear, we also have a variety of sunglasses for men and women. Our sun frames include Guess, Tres Jolie, Harley Davidson, and Nike to name a few. Our Nike sunglasses are specially designed to meet a variety of outdoor needs. We have glasses designed specifically for bikers, runners, and golfers. Most of our designs can be purchased with or without prescription lenses as well.